We are Gen25

Together we build the world of tomorrow

At Gen25 we believe in personal development and it is our ambition to work together on fun, innovative projects. We believe in our strength and share our knowledge, experience and talent with each other. This includes a personal and independent approach with room for your personal way of working. Every day you deliver a top performance to exceed our customers’ expectations. We feel passion for what we do and we strive for the very best. At Gen25 we go to work every day to build the world of tomorrow.


We are Gen25

Our story began in 2001, when our founder Gijs Martens laid the foundations for the company that would become Gen25 in 2006. Our slogan was 'We Build the Web', and the projects varied from web development to CRM implementations.

His passion for CRM and the 360-degree customer view was the reason to start working exclusively on the Salesforce Platform. In addition to Salesforce implementations and strategic consultancy, Gen25 also started to develop their own B2B applications which are available on the AppExchange. This combination of expertise has led to work for clients such as KLM, Bugaboo, Tribes, PostNL and many more, helping them optimize and implement their service-, sales-, marketing- and business processes.

I try to foster a culture in which people enjoy a high degree of freedom for personal development. By giving people the freedom, letting go and avoid thinking too much in terms of hierarchies, you encourage innovation.

Gijs Martens – CEO Gen25

What does Gen25 stand for?

Gen25 stands for Generation Y (the 25th letter of the alphabet). Generation Y, better known as the Millennials, is known for being tech-savvy, creative, flexible and open-minded. It is the generation of technological innovations. This description fits us like a glove. We are a group of enthusiastic, talented, and driven individuals who love what they do and who want to convert their knowledge into practical solutions that help businesses work better and smarter.

Our people are our most important asset, which is why we encourage and support personal growth. We provide innovation and development hours, during which our developers can work on their own apps and ideas. We guide our people on their career path and help them obtain Salesforce certifications.

We share our knowledge at special sessions and lunches, and we offer the possibility to combine study and work. This way, our employees have the possibilities and the freedom to plan their own career. We work closely with several educational institutions, such as the HVA and the VU, to offer young talent the opportunity to develop themselves, but also to gain fresh, new insights.

A lot has changed in recent years. We have grown from a small organization with six employees into an international company that is one of the leading Salesforce Platinum partners in the Netherlands. We are able to maintain this growth by constantly developing ourselves, remaining innovative and closely monitoring our unique culture. Our in-house specializations enable us to execute the entire implementation, so we can switch quickly and guarantee exceptionally high quality across the board.

We care about our culture

People first. A good fit between you and Gen25 is important to help you feel right at home with us. Together we share a passion to help our clients realize the goals and ambitions of their organizations. Every day we work together with pleasure and fun. We have a diverse team in which everyone can truly be themselves. This ensures everyone’s effective contribution to the common goals and ambitions. Commitment is our top priority. We value individuality, independence and entrepreneurship. We get the best out of each other and are not afraid to develop new ideas and initiatives. Our DNA: young, fresh and dynamic. We work diligently in the following way:

We are entrepreneurs with passion

We are not afraid, we are persistent, we shift quickly and we are flexible.

We focus on personal development

All Gen25 employees have the freedom and the opportunity to get started with this.

We achieve our common goals through teamwork

Multidisciplinary collaboration is how we respond to the changing needs and wishes of our customers.

We encourage innovation

We help our clients to be future-proof and to think 'outside the box'.

We like a sense of humor

We work hard, but do not take things too seriously. We have fun together.

Work together to create the world of tomorrow

We do not shy away from complex problems and issues. Will you join us?
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Our work method

At Gen25, more than 50 multidisciplinary professionals with different specializations work together. Our teams usually consist of a team lead, consultants, salesforce developers, a Python developer, a Front-end developer and a project manager. This method enables us to easily share knowledge, switch quickly and apply the strategic goals of our clients across the board. At Gen25 together we ensure that results are achieved and that our customers get the best service and solutions. You are an essential part of a fast-growing organization.

Our ambition is to ensure that our customers receive the best possible support through the right work method. Everyone contributes to Gen25’s goals. This gives us energy and pleasure.


Gen25 gives back

We want to make a positive contribution to society. With Pledge 1% we convert part of our business success into support for nonprofits. Our colleagues are given the opportunity to volunteer for two days a year for a charity of their choice.

awards awards

Gen25 Awards

For the second year in a row, Gen25 received the FD Gazellen Award. Gen25 received the 2017 and 2018 FD Gazellen Awards from the Dutch newspaper Financieel Dagblad. The FD Gazellen Awards are an initiative of Financieel Dagblad and are awarded annually to the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands. Companies that have achieved a turnover growth of at least 20% in the past three years win an FD Gazellen Award and Gen25 is proud to be one of these winners.

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