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Internships with perspective

During your internship at Gen25, you will participate as a full-fledged colleague in a fast-growing and dynamic organization, focused on innovation. This means that you are not looking over someone's shoulder or serving coffee. Instead, you gain experience and knowledge as an equal team member, which is invaluable for the rest of your career. Gen25 works closely with educational institutions such as the HVA and the VU, so you can be confident that your internship corresponds with what your school or university requires. Nice to know: a significant amount of the people who currently work at Gen25 started here as trainees. So, who knows - maybe your internship will be the first step on your career path.

Seize the opportunity! Are you currently registered at an educational institution and are you looking for an internship? Check our internship opportunities.

I did my internship at Gen25 with only seven people working there at the time. Six years further and Gen25 has grown enormously. Now we are a team of over fifty people. I’m still very happy here and I learn something new every day.

– Ricky, Front-end Developer

I came to Gen25 as IOS Developer because I really liked building applications. During my training, I started off with Front-end work, which is great because you can instantly see the result of what you’re doing. I could really get creative. Everyone was friendly and always ready to help. Through the many questions they answered for me, I learned a lot at Gen25. I have now developed into a Salesforce Developer. Gijs let me sit in on a Salesforce platform project, which sparked my interest in Salesforce and VisualForce. Interesting work that involves front-end as well. The ideal combination.

–Ikalef, Salesforce Developer

My internship at Gen25 was a great experience where I gained some exciting impressions from a constantly growing company. I worked independently on many different, varied and challenging tasks and projects. Due to the intensive mentoring by my mentor, I acquired a lot of new frontend skills. What I particularly liked, was working in agile teams as well as the pleasant and familiar working atmosphere at Gen25. Through team activities such as the Survival Weekend in Belgium, I was integrated quickly into the team and felt welcomed from day one. Furthermore, Gen25 gave me a lot of freedom to figure out my strengths and weaknesses and supported me to achieve my future career plans. I can highly recommend to do an internship at Gen25 and would do it again any time!

– Andreas, Front-end Developer Intern