• Sales Executive
  • 3 years Gen25
Certified Salesforce Consultant

What I like about Gen25, is that most people stay for a very long time, even in this very competitive market, where companies are always looking for talent. This is mainly because of the great atmosphere at Gen25.

Anouk’s work day

My work days are quite diverse. Frequently I have meetings outside the office, sometimes I am at the office for calls. There are a lot of days during which I work closely with colleagues, for example when I need some information for customers’ requests. Together with consultants and developers, I try to map a project and find out how much time we need to realize something, which activities we need to carry out and whether there are dependences. This makes my job very dynamic. My customers come from all kinds of sectors, which makes it even more interesting. In different sectors, you see all kinds of different trends, but also more and more similarities.

What kind of knowledge do you need as a Sales Executive?

As a sales executive, you need to know Salesforce and all the different ways you can use it. Some knowledge of the market also comes in handy, but in most cases I ask a consultant or developer to join me.

Small teams that are close to the customer

In the past few years, Gen25 grew rapidly. Our workforce is very diverse, from developers and sales executives to consultants and managers. Their personalities differ greatly, but what I like is that everyone is able and willing to work with one another. We invest a lot of time in hiring the right kind of people. Additionally, constantly delivering high quality work is a key focus point. Our teams are very driven and talented, which means we can maintain the high standards and deliver beautiful, innovative projects.

I also like the difference with bigger consultancy firms. We work in relatively small teams and have all needed specialisms in house to be able to run a project on all needed fronts for our client, are flexible, like to think with our clients on details as well as strategic level through a Streeting Committtee. Our clients are still able to speak directly with our developers. This personal relationship we have with our clients enables another kind of cooperation. We are very close with our clients, who would potentially have been no more than a number at larger consultancy firms.

Work at Gen25

What I like about Gen25, is that most people stay with us for a very long time, even in a very competitive market where the ‘war on talent’ is large. This mainly is because of the atmosphere and our CEO, Gijs Martens. As he is very involved and pays a lot of attention to doing things we like and things that make us enthusiastic. We also do a lot of nice activities together. This creates a family-like feeling and makes working at Gen25 very special.