Lead Python Developer
  • Salesforce Solution Architect
  • 2 years Gen25
Senior Salesforce Developer

We are the only Salesforce partner in the Netherlands and even Europe that is also a Heroku partner. Therefore, our solutions are really end to end.

Dennis’ work day

I often work at our clients’ offices, where I am leading the project team. I interact with our clients and make sure projects go smoothly. This means I have to ensure they are delivered to the client on time and match the client’s expectations. At the same time, I make sure we build first rate solutions, that are scalable and make good use of Salesforce technology. This is my role in a nutshell. I also do a lot on the functional side, like organising workshops for our clients, analysing requirements, designing and carrying out configurations. I like not only to coordinate and design, but also building things myself. That way, I stay in touch with the technology and the context.

I start every day with a daily scrum, together with the team at the client. We start with an evaluation of the previous day, go through the planning for the coming days and talk about the functionalities for every sprint. Our team of analysts then work it out, and the building team at Gen25 takes care of implementation. In that way, we are able to decide our priorities in really short cycles.

You keep developing

As a consultant, you need to keep developing, simply because the Salesforce-platform is developing itself so quickly. Salesforce gives its partners a status based on the certificates of the workforce. Therefore, all parties involved benefit from knowledge that is up-to-date. Gen25 is able to help of course, but it’s also a consultant’s nature to keep developing.

Never a dull moment at Gen25

I like working in small teams, our focus on the Dutch market and our many innovative clients the most. And I notice we are one of the most important implementors of Salesforce in the Netherlands, due to our speed and specializations. We can implement everything connected to Salesforce ourselves. Moreover, we are the only Salesforce partner in the Netherlands and even Europe that is also a Heroku partner. Therefore, our solutions are really end to end. This was an important reason for me to choose Gen25.

I like the informal and homely atmosphere in our organization. We have a communal lunch, taken care of by the company, and there are all kinds of communal activities. It is a young, fresh group of people and everyone is very motivated to develop themselves. Never a dull moment at Gen!

Work at Gen25

We are a quickly growing organization, at the moment one of the most important Salesforce implementation partners. Because Salesforce is also growing rapidly, this specialization holds a lot of perspective for the future. An important difference with larger organizations is that we are working in smaller teams, and can walk to the right person if need be. This makes our jobs more personal and allows us to move with the speed and impact we need in order to achieve what we want to achieve.